Civic Exchange: Concept public information installation flaunts solar roof

Seeking to bring people together to share their leisure hours and thus, respond to the issue of non-connectedness among urban dwellers, the Civic Exchange public information installation will ensure social interaction once it comes out of the concept stage. Envisioned as an easy access point for people of diverse origins, the solar powered installation would act as a hub to dispense local information. The digital informational hub would extend educational and entertainment-related information to urbanites in a sustainable manner.

Conceived for the Van Alen Institute: Projects in Public Architecture competition, the installation will be installed at the Lower Manhattan. Taking its inspiration from city parks, the installation would further flaunt multiple screens. The main information screen would feature an interactive map table of Lower Manhattan to allow people to gather information about various sites, events and alerts. A giant LED column will serve as a public announcement screen to project current local affairs like articles, polls, etc. Just to determine the gravity of a message, the LED column will rely on diverse color patterns to offer the same. Further, an emergency intercom would allow for one-on-one communication.

As far as its environmental footprint is concerned, the Civic Exchange will feature a solar roof studded with solar panels to meet its energy related requirements. Moreover, it will provide protection from rain aside from ascertaining shade to the interactive display. Finally yet importantly, the modular physical components, like a hub with spokes, would cater to site-specific requirements. These components are highly durable thanks to a stainless steel grid and glass mosaic pieces that cover them.

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