Researchers develop shatter-proof lighting twice as efficient as CFLs

We all know that incandescent light bulbs are inefficient and produce far more heat than the light they should actually be producing. While CFLs and LED light bulbs promise more light than heat, they’ve not always been favorites due to the humming noise they produce along with their toxic ingredients that spread when these bulbs are broken.

While we were getting used to the humming sounds and have started taking care of the CLF bulbs so that they don’t break, at least not in the office, scientists at Wake Forest University have come up with a replacement in the form of a lighting device made using polymers blended with a small amount of multi-walled carbon nanotubes. When stimulated with electrical current, the nanotubes glow and emit a white light similar in appearance to sunlight.

The lighting device is based on the use of a technology called Field-Induced Polymer Electrolumisescent Technology, or FIPEL, that enables the light to come in any color you want and since the emitter is plastic and not the conventional glass, you don’t often end up with a broken bulb. The team states that the efficiency of the lighting device is twice that of a CFL bulb and can run for more than a decade without needing a replacement.

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