ELF electric-assist velomobile comes with a solar charging roof

While electric cars run without emitting any tailpipe emissions, critics quickly point their fingers towards the source of the electricity required to recharge EVs, as it still mostly comes from coal-fired power plants. Designers at Organic Transit have tried to solve some issues with EVs with a three-wheeled velomobile dubbed the ELF.

The single-seat ELF is made using a lightweight aluminum frame and features a rear cargo compartment and a vacuum formed ABS composite body along with a polycarbonate windshield. The eco friendly ride can be pedaled by the rider but for harsh terrain it comes with an electric assist that depends on a 750W permanent neodymium magnet motor powered by a 88.8V lithium battery pack. The all-electric range of the vehicle is 48km per charge.

The onboard battery can be recharged in just two hours from a standard outlet and the vehicle also includes a rooftop array of 60W photovoltaic cells that can trickle charge the battery when the ELF is parked in sunlight.  With a claimed economy of 1800MPGe, the ELF is expected to retail for around $4000 if its Kickstarter campaign is successful.

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