Renewable energy powered SHARC concept wins LA Design Challenge 2012

This year’s LA Design Challenge was all about giving law enforcement authorities in the year 2025 an edge over the others with innovative vehicles. We’ve reported about two great concept cars, the BMW ePatrol and the Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force concept, both of which are designed to be powered by alternative fuels and feature the use of futuristic technologies. However, the winning trophy was given to Subaru for their innovatively designed SHARC or Subaru Highway Automated Response Concept.

The zero-emission vehicle is designed to run on renewable energy and is entirely automated, meaning there is no driver inside. The land-drone concept is envisions a future where Hawaiian Islands are connected to each other by a large highway system and such as expansive area would require a lot of manpower to patrol. The SHARC concept eliminates the need for full-time personnel with an automated drive that can be monitored and controlled by just a few people.

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