Soma aesthetically pleasing carafe is topped up with a compostable water filter

According to recent statistics about 38 billion water bottles are discarded annually after just a single use. That is a lot of plastic waste, which will take hundreds of thousands of years, if ever, to decompose. Water filters that we have at home too are made mostly using plastic, which too like the bottles isn’t exactly sustainable. Answering all these issues, designers behind the Soma Water concept have come up with Soma – a beautiful glass carafe that includes compostable water filter made using Malaysian coconut shells, vegan silk and food-based PLA plastic.

Designed by David Beeman, one of the top water filtration experts in the world, the Soma is sleek and only includes materials that are absolutely necessary for it work. The design team believes that the Soma is ideal to flaunt at your next dinner party and the beveled edge of the glass carafe will ensure that you perfectly pour the liquid inside it without spilling it on the table or on your carpet.

Currently crowd funding at Kickstarter, the designers are planning a convenient subscription packages under which Soma will deliver the filters right at your door step every two months so that you always replace them on time without driving to the nearest store.

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