Geeky girl creates giant Game Boy Color replica from cardboard boxes

The Game Boy revolutionized video gaming as it brought your favorite 8-bit games to your pocket, enabling you to play whenever and wherever you want. While Smartphones and tablets have somewhat changed the way people play videogames while on the move, there is still no dearth of Game Boy fans around the world. One such fan is Maboroshi Tira, who loves Game Boys so much that she’s built a giant replica of the console using nothing more than creativity and recycled cardboard boxes.

While there is no actual purpose of the replica, it is still a cool looking device that doesn’t work but has push-able buttons, on-off switch and the volume dial that turns too. Would have been fantastic if Maboroshi Tira teamed up with the brains behind the giant cardboard boombox we featured a few weeks ago and get this thing to work too.

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