Alter Ego purifies water from any source of freshwater

With plastic waste becoming a major problem for governments all over the world, it becomes essential for everyone of us to ditch the use of bottled water and consume filtered tap water instead. While filtered tap water is viable when indoors, people who spend most of their time outdoors mostly consume bottled water. The team behind the Alter Ego wants to change this with an innovative water filtration and hydration duo that can be used anywhere.

The device consists of two parts, the first one being the water bottle, dubbed Alter, which is made using BPA-free materials and the second is the Ego, a portable water filtration system that fits in most wide-mouthed water bottles on the market and the Alter bottle too. The Ego water filter can decontaminate water from even the most polluted sources such as a dirty river, delivering potable water that is free from pathogens, viruses, bacteria and even industrial waste.

The Alter bottle too has been designed in a way that makes it comfortable to carry around and there is no risk of water spillage. Designed for the urban traveler and the outdoor enthusiast on a day expedition, the system is a perfect hydration companion. The Alter Ego team is currently crowd funding on Indiegogo to raise funds for the first production run of the Alter Ego system.

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