Royal Wind develops storm-ready wind energy generators

With a reduction in available fossil fuel to generate electricity along with concerns about global warming and climate change looming large, research groups over the world are trying hard to develop renewable energy generating systems that can provide clean energy without polluting the environment. Wind energy, which takes up a major share of the total renewable energy produced over the world, needs significant improvements in design to come up to the challenge. Wind turbines, though efficient can get damaged during high wind speeds and don’t generate enough power from low speed winds. Laura Bailey of Royal Wind wants to change all that with a revolutionary wind power generator that aims to make renewable energy affordable for more people than ever before.

The new turbine developed by the Bailey along with her husband John is called the Royal Wind , and has been designed in a way that enables it to operate in a wide range of wind conditions including coastal and high-wind mountain areas. The wind turbine is made using low cost-materials such as recycled Styrofoam, which brings down the cost of a portable 3.2kW turbine to around $10,000.

The storm-ready dual turbine generator makes use of shutters to control the wind flow across the turbine blades, giving the generator the ability to operate efficiently in all wind conditions. Apart from increasing efficiency, the shutters also protect the rotors during storm conditions. The duo is now seeking funding for the first production run of the wind energy generators.

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