GravityLight: Battery-less LED light runs on the power of gravity

Whenever eco friendly lighting solutions for the developing world are being thought, we often believe that solar powered lights would be ideal. However, solar powered lights depend on expensive solar panels and batteries that store the charge to power up the lights after dark. Though green, the lights don’t function at all during overcast conditions and need battery replacements too. A team of designers in London have come up with a radical new form of lighting that doesn’t require any solar panels and batteries to illuminate a small home in a developing country.

The light, dubbed GravityLight, runs entirely on the power of gravity. The user simply has to lift a weight attached to the light, something that takes just 3 seconds, and the weight on its descend powers the LED light onboard for about 30 minutes. The light comes with a bag that can be filled with sand, gravel or anything else that weighs about 20 pounds to generate electricity. The energy being produced can also be used to power other devices too.

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