HSB motorcycle can be powered by you, electricity or gasoline

While motorcycle manufacturers over the globe are trying to gift their new rides with highly efficient engines to reduce fuel consumption or coming up with zero-emission electric motorcycles, Thomas Bubilek is leaving no stone unturned in his prototype motorcycle that can run on all the three major forms of energy used for transportation, including human power, electric motors and an internal combustion engine.

The one-of-its-kind ride, dubbed HSB, short for Hybrid Sports Bicycle, comes equipped with a standard set of pedals, an electric motor in the rear wheel that gets powered by batteries installed in the front wheel, and a centrally mounted 105cc internal combustion engine. The one-off was showcased at the 2012 LA Auto Show and combines sleek looks with eco friendly credentials.

While at 67kgs, you won’t really like to pedal it across the highway, but the pedal mechanism does give you a ray of hope to reach home with your ride if ever the battery and the gas tank are both empty. The tri-brid two-wheeler has been a result of an year and a half of hard work and the designer claims that ride can hit a top speed of 100kph, obviously not on pedals and electricity but the conventional way. Thomas Bubilek is currently waiting for an investor and hopes that the HSB will cost up to $7000, if ever it were to retail.

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