Origami Bonsai Chess Set features pieces crafted using recycled paper

There is no dearth of recycled chess sets created by innovative minds and we’ve reported about a few in the past too. Another, and one of the finest recycled chess sets we’ve ever come across, is the Origami Bonsai Chess set made by Benjamin John Coleman. The eco friendly chess set is hand crafted using recycled materials and hand painted to create pieces on different sides.

Each piece is given the shape of a mini-planter, with “soil” made using paper pebbles. The major pieces have lush foliage and are planted in slightly larger planters. The faux teak-colored planters carry blue and white pieces on one end and red and black pieces on the other end.

Made entirely using recycled paper, the flowers and foliage on each of the paper pieces are actually hand painted squares of paper which are folded using the origami technique. The pieces are designed to be used with a chess board having two-inch squares. The artistic pieces alone cost $625 with the board being sold separately.

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