Cardboard bicycle helmet claims to be three times safer than the conventional

Cardboard, a material that for decades held no importance than just its use in creating affordable packaging, has recently gained a lot of attention owning to its strength and eco credentials after its use in some of the most innovative products. We recently reported about some of the best products made using cardboard and we today have another entry to the ever growing list that comes in the form of Kranium – a bicycle helmet made using corrugated cardboard.

While at first read the helmet might sound unsafe for regular use, it is actually being claimed to be three times safer than the conventional EPS liner bicycle helmets. Designed by Anirudha Surabhi of the Royal College of Arts in London, the helmet is inspired by the cartilage structure of a woodpecker. The cardboard with a honeycomb matrix inside serves as a great natural shock absorber and can absorb impacts of more than 250Gs.

Made using a unique paper board, dubbed Dual Density Honey Comb Board or simply D2, the board is laser cut into ribs that are strategically placed to absorb three times the impact as a standard EPS helmet. The cardboard lattice is then covered in a water repelling solution to keep it safe from rain, sweat and water. Surabhi claims that apart from being one of the safest bicycle helmet ever created, the Kranium is also about 15 percent lighter and a lot thinner too.

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