Smart One: An all-in-one solar charger for geeks on the move

Charging portable electronic devices using solar energy help you reduce your environmental footprint and also gives you the option to charge your devices at any place. However, most solar chargers are either designed to charge Smartphones or laptops or can function as a small LED light. Korean tech company LSTECH has incorporated all the uses of a solar charger into one portable device they call the “Smart One”.

The portable solar charger is equipped with 4W solar modules that recharge a powerful 7000mAh lithium polymer battery onboard. Once fully charged, the device can charge any 5V electronic device such as tablet PC, Smartphones, digital cameras, game consoles, PMP, MP3 player and your PDA. The solar panel included in the device boasts an efficiency of 19 percent allowing it to produce enough solar energy in 2-3 hours of sun exposure that is sufficient to completely recharge a Smartphone battery.

The portable device also includes an LED reading light that can run continuously for up to 100 hours on a single charge. Apart from its solar charging capabilities, the Smart One can also be recharged via USB and the wall socket too.

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