Mitsubishi’s new nuclear plant inspection robot comes with two arms

Recently Toshiba revealed a quadruped robot to carry out operations in the devastated Fukushima nuclear power plant and today we have similar news from the house of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, who have come up with MEISTeR (Maintenance Equipment Integrated System of Telecontrol Robot) to carry out similar operations. Unlike Toshiba’s bot which came with four legs, the MEISTeR comes with two arms and runs on tracks.

The robot’s two arms can be equipped with a variety of tools to remove obstacles and collect samples in places where sending humans is too risky. The arms of the robot can bend much like a human arm with seven degrees of freedom. Each of the arm has the ability to carry up to 15kg of load and various attachments can be added such as cutting saws, jack hammers and drills, which allows it to cut pipes and handrails. Weighing 440kg, the remotely operated robot can move at a speed of 2kph and can continuously work for up to two hours.

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