Six Oaks shipping container residence blends into the natural landscape

American design and architecture studio Modulus has revealed its new creation – a sustainable home made using six recycled shipping containers. Dubbed Six Oaks, the sustainable home is built in a dense redwood forest on the site of an old train path. The six shipping containers span an area of 1200sqf and use each of the six faces of each vessel to create a home that is integrated into the surroundings with no space left unused.

The shipping containers are made to create a grid by spacing them four feet apart. The unique arrangement brings in plenty of sunlight to the interior spaces, reducing the need for artificial lighting and hence conserving energy. The house rests on a board-from concrete foundation that also forms as the walls of the shower. The eco friendly private residence features closed-cell poly iso layer of thermal insulation. The floor in the house is made using recycled plywood sheets that were originally used to transport goods.

To create space for this ecological dwelling two redwood trees had to be cut, wood from which has been recycled into several components of the house including the stairs and the furniture.

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