Zero-emission concept aircraft runs on renewable solar energy

Aircrafts are the fastest and by far the safest way to travel, however, environmentalists aren’t exactly that comfortable with aviation considering the amount of emissions associated with it. Designer Daphnic Fournier is trying to better the environmental credentials of air travel with a concept aircraft he calls the Ecological Aircraft Design Concept.

The radical design features a fully electric aircraft that includes an inflated air balloon for lift while reducing energy consumption. Focusing on the fact that most of the energy an airplane consumes goes into take-off, the balloon structure reduces that energy to a minimum. The roof of the balloon is laden with photovoltaic cells that generate all the electricity the airplane needs while it cruises above the clouds.

The zero-emission aircraft has a streamlined aerodynamic shape and is propelled forward with four large electric turbines. The eco friendly aircraft can transport more than 300 passengers without emitting a single ounce of greenhouse gases.

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