TRAIL Oasis lets visitors rest in the natural warmth of cork

Designed by Light Shed Studio in context of the Assiniboine River Trail in Canada, the TRAIL Oasis is a concept cabin designed to give trail visitors a peaceful place for rest. The concept has been designed by mapping and scaling down an imprint of the adjacent riverbed by creating a topography that supports and shapes the surface of the frozen trail.

Once inside, visitors are greeted by a space that resembles ice. Visitors can then rest on the cork-block imprint of the river’s topography. The ceiling too has been made using the same material and is designed as an imprint of the sitting surface below to give visitors a perspective of the river’s depth. With photo-luminescent paint, the ceiling amplifies the topography, while illuminating the sitting area below with the help of a lantern or a beacon.

The walls of the structure are made using polycarbonate that apart from providing structural strength also helps in insulating the interior space. The polycarbonate walls also allow for passive solar gain, thereby creating a warm space inside.

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