Urban Hay Bale: A playful cube made using upcycled drinking straws

People usually waste a lot of drinking straws without much awareness about the environmental problems something as small as a straw would create. We regularly use drinking straws and throw them right after the drink is consumed. Moreover, unlike plastic cups, drinking straws are hard to collect and recycle. To answer the growing concern of plastic pollution caused with drinking straws, designer Jin SeoYeon and Henry Choi, have teamed up to create the Urban Hay Bale – a multipurpose cube that is made using upcycled drinking straws.

The idea is to let people dispose of the straws in a special bin, which converts them into a cube using heated iron panels when a certain number of straws are collected. The iron plates melt the straw tips to create a robust structure that can easily be reused. Everyone who participates in the recycling process can use the Urban Hay Bale for free, while enjoying the results and also becoming aware of the unconscious consumption of materials.

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