Lamp-To-Go: A multifunctional solar powered device for the rural world

The reduction in the cost of cell phones and the most recent advancements in communication made affordable cell phones available to people living in the rural world. However, these people mostly face the problems of electricity and are not able to light up their homes or charge their cell phones. Industrial designer Lorenzo Amato aims to better the conditions with the help of a multifunctional solar powered gadget dubbed the Lamp-To-Go.

Designed as a “shoppers torch”, the easy to use device accommodates two flexible photovoltaic panels that harvest clean energy from the sun and transform it into usable electricity, which is then used to recharge an onboard battery. The energy stored in the battery can be used to provide illumination after dark or charge a cell phone with the supplied ports. The device is still on the drawing boards, but considering that the technology involved is readily available, we could see such devices being made available at an affordable price to charge it all for those in the developing and underdeveloped world.

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