Rinspeed’s MicroMAX aims to merge public and personal transportation

Swiss car visionary, Rinspeed, has made a reputation for itself by revealing futuristic cars each year at the Geneva Motor Show. Answering the needs of the future, next year’s Geneva Motor Show will see the company reveal MicroMAX, an all-electric vehicle that seeks to merge personal and public transportation.

The idea is to make people going towards the same destination ride in the same vehicle to reduce carbon emissions and traffic jams. The car is designed to function just like other web-based or smartphone-based car sharing services, but includes upright seats and space for a stroller or a shopping cart, making the vehicle ideal for short-distance travels.

The MicroMAX is 3.6 meters long and over 2.2-meters high, providing all the space necessary for an urban commuter. With three upright seats, designed to further save space, the electric vehicle can also include a coffee maker or a refrigerator for the passengers to enjoy their short travel. The vehicle aims to encourage passengers to get in and ride because it’s extremely convenient, simple and environmentally friendly.

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