Taste Tree: An eco friendly Christmas tree made using old crockery

We all have cupboards full of porcelain crockery that really aren’t used for decades. The reason behind this is that we really buy and forget crockery and keep purchasing new and trendy porcelain items. Creative agency Mooz, wanted to bring out all that old crockery and give it a new form and went on to create a Christmas tree that now adorns Hasselt’s main square.

Made in collaboration with the residents of the Belgian city, the new Christmas tree reuses 5000 pieces of porcelain crockery that would otherwise have never seen the light of the day. Designers at Mooz figured out that most friends and family had spare plates that they never use and these were the plates and cups that have now been given a new form, dubbed the Taste Tree. The Taste Tree naturally fits in the “Capital of Taste”, and owing to its unique design and materials used, will regularly bring in city residents together to celebrate Christmas over a friendly chat.

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