SolarX Energy’s hybrid solar energy system produces hot water, clean electricity


New York-based solar products manufacturer, SolarX Energy, has unveiled a unique hybrid solar energy generating system that produces both hot water and clean electricity. Dubbed SolarX Hybrid, the new system is expected to raise the bar on solar-generated clean energy by producing over 100,000 BTUs per day of hot water coupled with 1kW of renewable electricity.

Featuring the company’s patented SolarX-164 parabolic solar thermal collectors with peripherally mounted photovoltaic panels, the system generates electrical power too. The system is equipped with the company’s unique SunHound solar tracking system that precisely follows the sun in the sky to generate about 25 percent more energy.

Apart from being ideal for use in government and other commercial establishments, the unit is a stand-alone energy generating system fit for use in remote parts of the world. The scalable system can be produced in different sizes offering varied outputs.

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