Transport Hornet: An air-powered two-wheeler for short distance commutes

Transport Hornet air powered motorcycle concept_1

Auto designers and manufacturers around the globe have been tinkering around with the idea of air-powered vehicles for decades. While air-powered engines are nothing new, the technology hasn’t been adopted by many owing to the problems associated such as low operating range and low speed. While Indian car manufacturer, Tata Motors, is working hard to bring the first commercially available air-powered vehicle to the market, designers at Jurmol have come up with a concept two-wheeler that works on the same principle.

Dubbed the Transport Hornet, the motorcycle is designed to be used by postal services around the world. The vehicle, essentially a zero-emission motorcycle, runs on an air-powered engine sourcing air from a tank of compressed air onboard. Ideally suited for short distance travels, the air-powered motorcycle needs the post office to possess an air station, where depleted tanks from motorcycles can be swapped with new ones, while also refilling empty cylinders.

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