Scientist proposes geoengineering solution to refreeze the Arctic

Arctic Ice

Even after regular efforts to curb carbon emissions and hence put a check on global warming and climate change, the condition of our planet is getting from bad to worse. While people living in the developed parts of the world, don’t necessarily feel the effects, places like the Arctic are proving that the earth’s climate is on the brink of collapse. The amount of ice in the Arctic Ocean has shrunk to an all time low, with only half the amount of ice left than what it was in the 1980s.

Climate has changed so rapidly that putting a check on carbon emissions won’t necessarily do much good until technological solutions are employed to bring back the lost climate. We have talked about the most amazing geoengineering proposals that aim to combat climate change with the help of technology in the past too and today news surfaced from the Harvard University, where David Keith, a professor of applied physics is taking a look at a technological solution to refreeze the Arctic Ocean.

Keith is proposing the use of modified Gulfstream jets to spray reflective particles into the high atmosphere, which can reduce the amount of sunlight hitting the surface below. High CO2 levels would still continue to trap heat, but since less energy would actually be coming in, the heat levels would be considerably low. Keith states that an average reduction of just half a percent would be enough to recover pre-industrial sea ice extent.

Keith acknowledges that geoengineering alone won’t be beneficial if countries across the globe recklessly release CO2 into the atmosphere. With a proposal of the nature of the one proposed by Keith, we’re just walking further and further off the cliff. Curbing carbon emissions drastically along with geoengineering the planet is the only solution as of now.

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