Chinese farmer uses fiberglass to build doomsday-ready pods

Doomsday pods built by Chinese farmer_1

The 2009 sci-fi thriller 2012 showed that doomsday ships were built in China and this might be the reason we regularly see Chinese people spending their hard earned money and time in creating doomsday shelters. Just recently we reported about a Chinese man spending all his life’s savings to create a doomsday boat and today news has surfaced that a Chinese farmer has built a fleet of doomsday pods, he calls the Noah’s Ark.

Inspired by the Hollywood flick, Liu Qiyuan created airtight pods that can float and some even come with their own propulsion system. Each of pods has enough space for 14 individuals and come with oxygen tanks and seat belts. The fleet includes seven pods and are made using fiberglass installed around a steel frame. The life-saving shelters are designed to float on water and stay upright too.

While the Mayan doomsday prophecy is just a few days away, the Chinese farmer believes that if his pods aren’t used on 21st December 2012, the design could be adopted by government departments and international organizations for use in event of tsunamis and earthquakes.

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