Cappa hydropower generator doesn’t need a dam to produce clean energy

Cappa compact hydropower generator_1

Hydroelectricity is the most widely produced form of clean renewable energy, but most of the energy is produced in large-scale commercial installations based on building dams. Japanese company Ibasei wants to help individuals generate hydroelectricity without worrying about building a dam with the help of a small-scale hydropower generator called the Cappa.

Designed to be installed along a river or a waterway, the Cappa’s working principle is nothing new. It still has blades that rotate when water hits them to produce clean energy. However, the small-scale device features the blades encased within a diffuser that increase water speed before it hits the blades. The company claims that a single Cappa can produce 250W of power using water flowing at a speed of 2 meters per second and multiple generators can be combined to produce more power.

The system outputs 100V AC electricity at 60Hz, allowing it to directly power most appliances without the need of an extra inverter or batteries. The unit too is 100 percent recyclable and we don’t expect it to cost too much. While most urban dwellers don’t have rivers going through their backyards, the system could be used in emergency situations or to power tourist attractions. The company is also ready to customize each unit to suit different rivers with different water speeds to optimize its output.

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