Garbage dumpsters relive as living containers for homeless seniors

Living containers made from garbage dumpsters_1

There are millions of people around the world who are homeless and in need of help from governments and charitable organizations. While industrial designers and architects are planning to build buildings that can provide homes for such people, Philipp Stingl has come up with an immediate solution for the elderly who don’t have a home to live. The German designer has transformed garbage cans into living containers for such seniors.

The lockable living space comes with drinking water canisters, sewage systems, externally mounted water tanks and a bathtub attachment that too is made using the same materials. There is a garbage container in the upper area above the living room, where passersby can donate bottles and other valuable resources for the resident. The lid offers space for clothing and other valuables.

The basic living container also includes a fire extinguisher, gas stove, first aid kit, garbage gripper and an alarm clock. The compact living space doesn’t need much heating and it works almost as a zero-energy house. Dubbed Rumpel, the living space, doesn’t look comfortable, but still manages to give a safe place to combat the elements of harsh climate to those in desperate need of it.

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