Creative mom uses old diaper boxes to make AT-AT Walker for her child

Whenever we talk about stuff made using recycled materials, it gets interesting to see what creative brains around the world figure out to be raw materials for something extraordinary. We recently reported about dresses made using recycled cork and even speakers made using old vintage suitcases, and today again we have another brilliant creation that is made using old diaper boxes.

The creator here is a mother, Kelly Mcquinlan who after seeing a dozen empty diaper boxes in her house, decided to give her child a new toy to play with. She didn’t waste precious resources by purchasing another toy for her child, but rather she used the old diaper boxes to create a wonderful AT-AT Walker out of them. Kelly used two boxes for the body, one for the center and a split box for the outer bits. Another box went to become legs and the main support for the structure, which was folded like a triangle for added strength.

Another pair of legs was created with more boxes to ensure that the body and support legs could slightly rest on the two new legs. Each of these pieces were first attached with thread and then by tape so that the structure didn’t wobble around. Finally the head was added by using the corrugated portion of the cardboard. The end result was the AT-AT replica for the child to play with. The creation is just one of the millions that can be made using stuff just lying around our house, but it takes serious creativity to pull something out of it.

Via: Offbeat Mama

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