DIY bike-powered generator lets students produce and use renewable energy

diy bike powered generator

Generating a small amount of renewable energy that could help your gadgets go off-the-grid seems a bright idea for all those interesting in doing their bit towards the environment. We’ve seen a couple of iterations right from thermoelectric chargers, kinetic chargers to a simple DIY solar powered charger, and with innovation flowing all over, there are new takes on this simple green movement quite frequently. Working for the same cause, a team of students at Northern Arizona University have made a bike-powered generator.

While bike-powered generators are nothing new, the NAU team has built everything including the bike from scratch. The team, which comprised of students from different departments of engineering, created the system to help fellow students recharge their Smartphones, while also educating them about the energy their gadgets are using and where it comes from.

The team took a year to plan and construct the system, using donated bike parts, small touchscreen to display how much electricity a person produces. A USB outlet lets user plug-in their gadgets for charging. The team believes that the device can give people a feel about what power is where it is coming from, thereby encouraging them to conserve energy.

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