Studio 1984’s Ecological Pavilion is a ‘nest’ made using recyclable materials

ecological pavilion nest made using wood and straw_3

We often ask ourselves that how green can our home become and the answers to this question often depends on what kind of amenities do we want to possess. The less the number the green you are. It seems that Studio 1984 wanted to test a truly green home, one that lacks all modern appliances, and have come up with the Ecological Pavilion, a space that is just as green as a bird’s nest.

Comprised solely of recyclable materials, and made as an entry into a competition hosted by the Archi<20 Festival de L’Architecture in France, the idea was to create a simple habitat from natural materials. Made entirely using straw and timber, the ecological pavilion uses a variety of wood for different functions. While the Douglas goes for the frame and larch for the joints, pine is chosen for interiors and acacia for the foundation. The rest of the space is covered by compressed straw so that there are no thermal bridges and no rodents can be a part of your family, while you’re spending some quality green time.

The bare-bones unit took three months to design and the same number of weeks to construct. Though, the unit lacks any amenities to make yourself comfortable with, it makes up for it by giving you simplicity and a green conscious.

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