WiSHrama sustainable bus stop for rural India harvests the sun and the rain

wishrama eco friendly bus stop for rural India_1

While the developed parts of the world, residents get to use modern forms of public transportation like subways, conditions in the other parts are just the opposite. These places are mostly connected to other areas with buses and bus stops here are nothing more than simple shelters that too are often broken. Recognizing the need for safe and eco friendly bus stops in such areas, Indian designer Aravinda DK has come up with WiSHrama – a sustainable bus stop to be built in the rural parts of the south Indian state of Karnataka.

WiSHrama, a Hindi word that translates to rest, can be made using translucent polycarbonate wall panels and stainless steel railings. A raised platform with ceramic floor is also designed for added safety of the passengers. Offering a washroom along with place to rest, the eco friendly bus stop also includes a rooftop array of solar panels that generate all the energy required by lamps, fans, charging ports and water pumps.

Additionally, the designer also plans to harvest rainwater that can be stored in underground tanks for use in the washrooms. The design is ideal for villages, where people don’t demand a plethora of amenities but want basic systems such as a toilet and fans. The WiSHrama also includes a bike parking where students can park the bikes they ride from their homes and board a bus.

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