3D printed Nylon Polymer Lamp rotates to power itself

3d printed nylon polymer lamp_1

The brainchild of Dr. Margot Krasojević, this innovative lamp is made using 3D printed nylon polymer and carries a plethora of renewable energy generating systems that power the LED lighting devices onboard. The concept lamp’s form allows it to spin along the axis of rotation being set in motion by even small changes in temperature and air current. The rotation is harvested by a dynamo that converts the kinetic energy into usable electricity to recharge a battery that then powers the LED light.

The lamp weighs just 145 grams and has glaze finish to minimize air resistance and allow the lamp to remain in motion. Comprised of two vertical elements that lock into one another using clamps, the light harvests kinetic energy and gets brighter as the speed of rotation increases. The light also is being adapted to line the inside of the printed elements with copper coil and powerful magnets attached to the spindle can also induce an electric current that powers the onboard LED.

The designer is also considering the inclusion of a piezoelectric zinc element that too can produce renewable energy for illumination. The eco friendly lamp could prove to be a boon for the developing world where people mostly rely on kerosene lamps for illumination.

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