Everglades National Park unveils ‘Eco-Tent’ to boost tourism

Flamingo Eco Tent_1

Lodging areas at Flamingo, the largest camping area in the Everglades National park, were already aging when they were further destroyed by the devastating Hurricane Katrina. In an effort to rebuild the popular spot, while reducing environmental impact to a minimum, the authorities at the park have teamed up with the University of Miami and have unveiled a unique lodging facility called “Eco-Tent”.

The structure, which looks something between a tent and a cabin, could also serve to be a model for additional lodging options at the park, while offering a roomy space for the visitors to rest in the lap of nature. The environmentally friendly Eco-Tent is set up on a platform and comes with solar powered lights that can be used by the occupants after dark.

Flamingo Eco Tent_2

Unlike conventional structures, which are permanently placed on the location, the Eco-Tent can easily be packed up and stored in a safe location during storms and the off-season. At present, only one of the prototype tents is available for occupancy and reservations are currently available with a nighly fee of $16, set to rise to $30 later during the season.

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