Artist creates mesmerizing sculptures from fallen trees

Pendle Sculpture Trail organic art_1

There is no dearth of artists who use fresh wood to create intricate sculptures, but we don’t often get to see mesmerizing sculptures created from might trees that fall due to strong winds or due to some other reason. Artist Philippe Handford wanted to give a tribute to the once might trees that fall due to any reason by implementing the Pendle Sculpture Trail – an artistic project in England.

The site-specific work is inspired by the beautiful Pendle area and uses natural materials found it wood. The organic sculptures are made using several, previously fallen trees, windblown trees, holly bushes and a dry stone wall that runs through the length of the wood. One of the most impressive pieces of art found across the trail is the Reconnected 2, an installation created to evoke a sense of perpetual movement, while trying to capture the moment when the tree might have fell.

The holly bushes, which have been known as the spirit of the wood, have been contained in metal cages that take up human forms for a peculiar presence among the trees.

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