Raptor self-balancing electric unicycle comes with an Arduino brain

Raptor electric unicycle_1

While a two-wheeled bicycle might look like a promising ride for a future devoid of any fossil fuels, there has been no dearth in innovation and designers believe that a single wheel, coupled with high-end technology could be all that’s needed for a fast and green commute. Working on the same linnes designer Nick Thatcker has come up with the Raptor – a self-balancing unicycle with an Arduino brain and a electric engine.

With a five degree of freedom IMU from Sparkfun incorporated to keep the rider upright, the zero-emission vehicle hides the motor in the saddle. The motor is connected to the wheel with a chain and the onboard battery packs produces enough electrons for up to 120 minutes of autonomy at a top speed of 10mph.

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