TOTO’s interchangeable shower head aerates water droplets to conserve it

toto air in shower showerhead

Water conservation efforts are on an all time high and this is the reason we see bathroom fittings manufacturers come up with innovative products that can conserve the use of freshwater. Out of the total water consumption of a household a major chunk is used up by showers. There is no dearth of water saving shower heads that reduce the flow of water to help you conserve a few gallons, but a new approach by TOTO could give you the feel of the cleansing sensation of an ordinary shower while still managing to save up to 35 percent water.

The company has released an interchangeable shower head that features the Air-In Shower technology, which adds air to the water droplets to save water without making the volume feel low. TOTO claims that for a family of four, the product saves about $180 in water and gas bills annually while reducing CO2 emissions by 146kg. From February next year, all TOTO fittings and tops will be equipped with the Air-In Shower technology as a standard, thereby helping home owners reduce water consumption not only in the shower but elsewhere too.

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