MeterPlug lets you wirelessly monitor and conserve energy at home

meterplug energy saving and conserving device

Most of us often have an energy monitoring device at our homes, which do tell us the total amount of energy our household is consuming at any given moment of time. While most of these devices do help in alerting you about reckless consumption of energy, they don’t often help you in conserving it, unless you keep a check on all the appliances that are running at any moment and then turn them off manually to prevent any vampire power drain. To help solve the problems with conventional energy monitoring systems, a team of innovators has come up with the MeterPlug.

The MeterPlug is a portable, easy to use device that can be used to monitor the energy consumption of any appliance or electrical product. The device plugs in between the appliance and the AC outlet and relays all important data to your Smartphone via Bluetooth. The device also includes a proximity sensor that lets it turn on or off a particular device connected to it when you walk into or away from it. Moreover, you can also use the Smartphone app to manually turn off the devices within a 30 meter radius.

Apart from all the above, the device also has its own memory allowing it to store useful data when you’re away. Once you return home, all the data is streamed to your Smartphone for you to check and conserve. The MeterPlug, which according to us could be one of the best energy monitoring and conserving devices in the world today, is in its prototype stage and is currently crowd funding on Indiegogo.

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