Aiken recumbent tricycle is designed for long-distance trips

aiken recumbent tricycle_1

While a bicycle is definitely one of the greenest ways to travel, it isn’t entirely comfortable for the rider, especially when planning a long distance trip. However, recumbent tricycles give you that extra back support and the ability to carry some cargo while easily relaxing in a comfortable seat. With a similar mindset, Argentine designer PIA Ferreyra has come up with the Aiken, a comfortable recumbent tricycle designed especially for long distance trips.

Designed in a “tadpole” configuration, with two front wheels for steering and a single rear wheel for traction, the recumbent bicycle’s riding position has been configured for greater stability and comfort during the long pedaling hours. The tricycle features a simple tubular structure that has been built using local and affordable technologies. The seat is produced in water resistant fabric and also provides elasticity and comfort through its materials. The recumbent tricycle also includes saddlebags with three compartments that allow the rider to carry up 44lbs of cargo.

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