BIGFOOT 20 monster truck rolls over cars using an all-electric drivetrain

BIGFOOT 20 all-electric monster truck_1

Monster trucks are known for heavy gas guzzling engines and enormous tires that let it effortlessly roll over cars. While an eco friendly monster truck seems like an oxymoron, BIGFOOT, one of the most famous monster trucks in the world, changed the conception with the debut of the world’s first all-electric monster truck, the BIGFOOT 20.

The BIGFOOT 20 comes with 36 Odyssey PC1200 car batteries, 30 of which power the custom-built DC electric motor that churns out 350hp and more than 1085Nm of torque. The remaining six batteries power the braking and the steering systems. The 1375 pound batteries are fixed onboard the 11,000 pound truck that includes a custom-built fiberglass super duty body.

Presently there is no word from the company regarding the range of this all-electric beast, but considering the fact that the BIGFOOT 20’s job is to roll over cars in a confined area, drivers won’t be suffering much range anxiety.

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