Biggest landfill in Israel being transformed into a recycling park

Hiriya Park largest landfill in Israel

The amount of waste produced by cities all over the world make the development of landfills absolutely necessary. While most landfills try to better their eco credentials by harnessing methane, the largest landfill in Israel, the one in Hiriya, which is also the biggest eyesore of the country, is now being transformed into a 2000-acre public park to raise awareness about the present condition of the environment.

The facility, which is a dump for a quarter of all the waste produced in Israel, already has a recycling education center, which is open to the public. The garbage that gets into the park is sorted and recycled using the most advanced technologies employed by Arrow Ecology, allowing the facility to win the first prize in clean development of a landfill by the United Nations.

The Hiriya park is scheduled to be complete by 2020, after which the facility will try to educate the visitors about the benefits of living a green life and producing less waste.

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