Indian company unveils solar-powered four-passenger boat

SunCRZ 9 solar powered boat_1

The brainchild of Indian boat builders, Navgathi, the SunCRZ9 is a small, four-passenger electric boat that runs on the solar energy generated by the onboard photovoltaic panels. The SunCRZ9 is the smallest in the company’s series of solar boats, which have capacities ranging to up to 20 passengers.

Available in custom colors, the SunCRZ9 is 3 meters long and comes in two variants, SX and QX, both of which feature robust construction using FRP. The electric boat is equipped with a magnetic compass and GPS for easy of navigation. The zero-emission electric boat produces 400W of solar power to recharge a 1.56kWh battery. The onboard battery powers a 500W electric motor, helping the boat achieve a top speed of 5 knots.

SunCRZ 9 solar powered boat_2

The developers claim that on a bright sunny day, the boat can cruise at 4 knots for the entire day, while continuously recharging the onboard battery with solar energy.


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