Ishke purified water dispensing system aims to put an end to plastic bottles

ishke purified water dispensing system_1

While environmentalists all over the world are encouraging individuals to ditch the use of plastic bottled water in favor of filtered tap water, there are still billions of plastic water bottles being discarded annually, giving rise to an immense heap of plastic, which will take hundreds of thousands of years, if ever, to decompose. Industrial designer Jesse Leeworthy is trying to reduce the problems associated with the use of bottled water, with a next-gen purified water dispensing system, dubbed the Ishke.

The Ishke system allows users to collect chilled or ambient water filtered using six-stage reverse osmosis filtration system, in convenient stainless steel reusable water bottles. The intelligent stainless steel bottles come with RFID tags that store user details, preferences and the bottle size, allowing the vending machine to dispense water according to the taste and requirement of the owner, while also facilitating cashless payment.

The Ishke system is designed to be installed in public areas, such as bus stops and train stations, giving users the convenience to refill their steel water bottles with filter water that’s just as good and pure as the bottled water they used to drink.

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