Sachets turn murky water into potable water in just a few minutes

clean drinking water Procter and Gamble Sachets

The water crisis might not sound that imminent to people living in the developed parts of the world, but the problem is already a matter of deep concern for the billions living in some other parts, where clean drinking water is nothing less than gold. This is the reason we see innovative minds come up with affordable water cleaning solutions that can transform lives in the rural areas. With a similar mindset Procter & Gamble’s non-profit arm recent showcased sachets that can turn murky water into drinking, cooking and bathing water in just a few minutes.

Each sachet, which contains a powder, the chemical constituents of which haven’t been revealed, can purify about 10 liters of water. All the user has to do is to pour the mixture into water and wait for the residue to settle. Once that happens, water can be filtered through a cotton cloth and used for drinking in a few minutes. The entire process, which takes just 20-30 minutes, could prevent water-borne diseases common in these areas.

The sachets cost about 10 cents each and each one filters enough water for the daily drinking requirements of a family of five. Procter & Gamble has teamed up with different charitable organizations around the world to distribute about 200 millions sachets per year beginning 2013.

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