North America’s largest fuel cell power plant to power 15,000 homes

Dominion and FuelCell Energy to develop North America largest fuel cell power plant

Virginia-based energy company, Dominion has teamed up with FuelCell Energy to develop the largest fuel cell power plant in North America. The environmentally friendly power plant will be built in Connecticut and will use a clean process to transform natural gas into electricity. Once operational, the plant will produce 14.9MW of clean power, enough to provide electricity to 15,000 urban homes.

The $125 million project is part of the state of Connecticut’s Project 150, a program designed to increase renewable power by 150MW in the state. The plant will be based on the user of FuelCell Energy’s DFC3000s fuel cell plants, each capable of outputting 2.8MW of power. Using give DFC3000s, the plant is scheduled to go operational in 2013.

The fuel cell plants operate at a high efficiency of 47 percent and can generate clean power electrochemically, without any combustion. The project will also drastically reduce the amount of toxic greenhouse gases that are emitted into the atmosphere by conventional power plants.

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