Emergent Structures plan to build a greenhouse from reclaimed materials

Emergent Structures E34 Greenhouse

The brainchild of Meagan Hodge of Emergent Structures, The E.34, is a concept greenhouse that has been designed to be built using reclaimed materials. The educational greenhouse will serve special populations of high-school students from the Savannah public school system. The greenhouse is being built to support the non-profit organization Design for Ability.

The organization enables youth of special populations to experience training within green sectors such as agriculture, construction and artisan industries. The eco friendly greenhouse will be made from reclaimed materials from other sites around Savannah. The greenhouse will also help visitors and students learn about renewable energy with the inclusion of passive heating and cooling systems, photovoltaic panels to generate renewable energy, rainwater harvesting system to conserve water and the recycling.

Once completed, the greenhouse will train special population students to grow produce, which can be used by the population themselves or sold to the neighbors, with proceeds being used to support Design for Ability’s educational training programs.

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