Prismaflex debuts world’s first solar-powered outdoor display

world's first solar powered autonomous led scroller display

Prismaflex, a renowned name in international outdoor media, has announced the development of the first advertising display that runs entirely on solar energy. The solar-powered autonomous scroller display is based on the use of a transparent photovoltaic film that generates energy from the scrolling mechanism and the LED lighting.

The system is a result of an 18-month research carried on with French technology firm Wysips, the inventor of the film. The film was actually created to be used in mobile phones to allow them to recharge under ambient light conditions. However, a lenticular process that incorporates the photovoltaic cells in thin transparent films, allowed the technology to be used for powering advertising displays.

The film is applied to the glazed part of the scrolling signs and it can also be used on anything including bus shelters and street billboards. The same technology could also be used to reduce the energy consumed by LED screens by up to 30 percent. The Autonomous Scrollers combined the ability to run a scroller with LED lighting rather than the conventional fluorescent tubes with solar energy to create an out of home display that is completely off-the-grid.

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