Made in Cardboardia showcases functional furniture made using cardboard

Made in Cardboard cardboard furniture_1

Whenever it comes to eco friendly furniture that is made using the most affordable materials, cardboard seems to be the material of choice for most designers. Working on the same lines, design studio Made in Cardboardia has come up with an exciting new range of eco friendly furniture units made using cardboard. The designers are exhibiting the designs in an exhibition dubbed “Soviet Design”, currently being held in Moscow.

Made in Cardboard cardboard furniture_2

The exhibition takes works of the Soviet designer A.P. Ermolaev, and gives it a minimalistic form using cardboard as the raw material. The exhibit features cardboard chairs, tables and stools, which with their simple form and look attract visitors. The designers state that cardboard allows making furniture that is not only beautiful but unique and durable as well.

Made in Cardboard cardboard furniture_3

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