Hand Crank USB charger concept packs two generators for faster charging

concept hand crank USB charger with two generators_1

While there is no dearth of innovative cell phone chargers on the market that run on alternative sources of energy, one of the most common and perhaps one of the best ones too are hand-crank chargers, which can be utilized anywhere and anytime, without worrying about the climatic conditions at that time. However, hand crank chargers aren’t that efficient in producing energy and a common charger would take three hours of constant cranking at the same speed to recharge the batteries commonly found in Smartphones.

Industrial designer Austin Fletcher wanted to change all that without changing the shape, size and the design of a hand-crank charger. To solve the woes, Fletcher came up with an innovative idea, in the form of a concept Hand Crank USB charger that comes with two generators and two cranking arms. After spending some more time on the idea, Fletcher found out a way to integrate both cranking arms in the same device, without altering the shape and size of the generator by much.

concept hand crank USB charger with two generators_2

The end result comes with two cranking arms that theoretically can reduce charging time by half. The concept device also includes an onboard battery that can store the energy you produce by cranking its two arms whenever free. Once you need some juice in your Smartphone you can simply connect it to the device via its USB port.

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