Spanish scientists create eco friendly bricks from waste paper

eco friendly bricks made using waste paper_1

There is no dearth of creative artists who make use of waste paper to create mesmerizing pieces of art. Apart from art, there were not many uses of waste paper, until we found our Intellipaper’s USB drive that features a chip embedded inside a sheet of waste paper. Researchers at Spain’s University of Jaen are now working to find a better use for old paper by converting it into energy-efficient and energy saving bricks.

Gizmag reports that the team here gathered cellulose waste from a paper mill, along with sludge left over from the purification process of the plant’s wastewater. The left over substances are them mixed with clay and then pressurized to create sausage-length bricks that can then be sliced from the materials before being fired in a kiln.

eco friendly bricks made using waste paper_2

Apart from the use of waste materials, the eco friendly bricks need less firing time when compared with conventional bricks and hence save a lot of energy and reduces production cost. Additionally, since the bricks make use of paper, they offer low thermal conductivity and offer great insulation properties if used in a building. While things look great, the team states that the mechanical resistance of bricks isn’t that great, although it’s still above the legal minimum. The team hopes to tweak the design a little and include some more waste products from beer and biodiesel industries to cope up with the mechanical strength issue.

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