Signal Snowboard’s new solar board gives you a truly electrifying experience

Signal Snowboard solar energy generating snowboard

With thin film flexible photovoltaic panels being readily available now, designers are figuring out all new possibilities of solar energy generation using products that weren’t necessarily produced to generate energy. A team of eco conscious snowboard builders at Signal Snowboards have created a unique solar energy generating snowboard that is equipped with Powerfilm Solar’s ultra-thin solar cells.

Gizmodo points out that since the solar cells are more flexible that the board itself, the latest offering from the company won’t feel any different when you’re on the slopes. The snowboard’s solar cells charge an onboard battery whenever you are out in sunlight and store it in an onboard battery. The battery then allows you to connect a variety of USB-charged portable electronic devices to juice them up.

Another advantage here is that once the snow on the slopes has turned to water, you can simply place the snowboard on the roof and continue to charge your cell phone from renewable solar energy.

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